Okay so these are all the asks I’ve been hoarding in my ask box because I was gonna draw a thing for them. 
Now that tumblr is being rude to all of us I’m sadly not going to be able to answer these with the proper art ;;

But I still wanted to thank you all for sending in these requests and I’ll definitely keep these saved and hopefully draw them in the future!! 
Even if that won’t be on tumblr :/ 

So ya thanks again I really loved hearing about y’alls ideas ;; hopefully you’ll see some drawings for these up on twitter sometime! ♥

Idea! Like you made a twitter nswf for Prom and Noct art right? Why don’t we use that account in case this blog gets deleted by tumblr meanies for all our dirty thoughts and writings?

I did ye o/  and I’m definitely not against that. Like honestly you can send me ideas anywhere I’d definitely appreciate it no matter what.
Twitter just sadly doesn’t have this nice messaging system and the anon function which is what i’m gonna be missing a lot but you can definitely  still tell me all the things over there !!

Imagine Prompto on the floor bound and gagged and he hears noct start beating his meat so he just inchworm crawls over so he can get noct to cum inside him. But he’s blindfolded so he keeps bumping into things

Daw the poor boy is so desperate he’d try so hard to get over there.
Pretty sure noct would reward him though once he finally manages to get to him. Gonna reward him with a nice belly full of cum cuz that’s what he deserves for his efforts :3c

Okay, hear me out. I know you’re not big into mpreg, but the insemination got me thinking. What if Noctis has good wet sex with a nine-months pregnant Prompto? Or Noctis was the one who was nine-months pregnant and Prompto was the top?

I’ve actually seen so much mpreg around in the past months that i don’t even mind it all that much anymore lmaoo 
Just more a fan of smol tums than big ones 
I’m sure nothing could stop these two from going at it lmao and I mean no matter which way around they’d do it I’m sure it’d be greatly enjoyable for both of them :3c

*hears insemination kink and slides in* but what if the roles were reversed ? Prom filling up Noct because he likes how cute Noct would look all swollen with cum ?

Listen, listen they can do this either way around and I’m gonna be perfectly happy 
I can definitely see Prom enjoying that. But I also imagine Noct would be kinda whiny whenever they do that and he’d demand belly rubs lmao.
Not that Prom minds giving them.
I can also imagine that Prom would totally get a kick outta Noct begging him to fill him up i mean who wouldnt

Noct just spooning a heavily bound and gagged prompto as he falls asleep and prompto makes it his mission to grind against nocts groin every time he gets comfortable just to bother noct and get “punished” later

Ohh bound and gagged Prom seems like a wonderful view ♥ How could noct manage to fall asleep next to that instead of doing other things  >;3c
But yes I actually love that. Prom can be a little shit and he’s definitely gonna enjoy his punishment later I hope it includes spanking

Every time you don’t post on this account for a while I have to go check to see if you’re still kickin lol. But I hope you never get deleted because ok I need somewhere to vent and see all the nasty content, ya know?

I’m pretty sure they are gonna delete me I mean they already did a pretty good job of kicking me in the guts lmao
My posts barely get out there anymore but i feel ya with that.
Like i seriously loved talking about ideas n stuff here and getting all those kinky headcanons was super nice .. so where am i gonna go with that now ugh. 
Pls never hesitate to just drop by in my DMs and tell me about all your kinky headcanons for the boys like i’d definitely appreciate it. I need people to share nsfw headcanons with god damnit
Don’t even need to start with a hello or anything just throw them dicks at me